Let’s Talk “Beliefs” {Blog}

Let’s talk “beliefs.”

(And if this is “too long to read,” then you might want to thoroughly investigate what your belief system is based upon. If you don’t read the lengthy articles and spend time exploring legitimate sources of information then chances are your beliefs may be based upon opinion.)

Your “beliefs” are called beliefs because that’s exactly what they are.

They are what you “believe” to be true.

There is no evidence to support your belief is true; otherwise, it would be called a “fact.”

Beliefs are meant to be held loosely, because as time passes and evidence is gathered the belief may become a fact, or it may be proven false.

You may now understand that to condemn, judge, or belittle someone who disapproves of your belief (now that you know the definition of what a “belief” is) is absolutely nonsensical… and can instantly make you look like the uneducated ass in any given situation.

The world is not “your” world, and others do not have to believe what you believe to be true, whether it’s commonly accepted as truth or not.

We are all entitled to believe what we choose to believe.

That’s what makes the world so wonderfully diverse and interesting.

Anything else would be mundane and grey.

Just think about this the next time you have a conversation (whether in person or online) with someone who’s beliefs upset you.

Discussions are wonderful, but anger stems from “believing” your own “beliefs” to be fact.

Speak to others with kindness, even if the same courtesy isn’t being extended to you.

Lead by example.

And remember…. your beliefs can (and should) change as you learn. Let them bend and sway as you gain knowledge throughout the course of your life.

And never, ever mistake kindness for complacency.


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