“Open Mic” {Lyrics/Poem}

Maybe a little
But If we talk maybe it’ll
Open up your mind and it’ll
Start to weather down and whittle
Your overwhelming need to belittle
& judge me of my noncommittal
Ways although your loyalty is brittle
For others you do so little
Our problem is we’re blind to
Your venom-poisoned spittle
Until past the point of critical
Then our issues become political
And you get too analytical
And I don’t want to fight you
Because of beliefs you hold tight to
So I bite my tongue and try to
Remain calm and clear and neutral
But complacency doesn’t fit well
Because passion flows in my cells
So I call my ancestors to guide me
I ask for them to stand behind me
In moments I feel like shrinking
It’s worse when you’ve been drinking
Your mind was so beautiful before
Whatever made you close the door
To understanding.

Written by Shelly Moore


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