Open Mic (Lyrics/Poem)

Maybe a little
But If we talk maybe it’ll
Open up your mind and it’ll
Start to weather down and whittle
Your overwhelming need to belittle
& judge me of my noncommittal
Ways although your loyalty is brittle
For others you do so little
Our problem is we’re blind to
Your venom-poisoned spittle
Until past the point of critical
Then our issues become political
And you get too analytical
And I don’t want to fight you
Because of beliefs you hold tight to
So I bite my tongue and try to
Remain calm and clear and neutral
But complacency doesn’t fit well
Because passion flows in my cells
So I call my ancestors to guide me
I ask for them to stand behind me
In moments I feel like shrinking
It’s worse when you’ve been drinking
Your mind was so beautiful before
Whatever made you close the door
To understanding.

Shelly Moore


Published by limitless.stimulus

Short Story Author

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