“Awake” {Poem}

Written By Shelly Moore

A far worse fate is loneliness
Than any I dare dream
To be old and alone
With no person at home
To share your coffee and cream.

I suppose it’s why I give mine away
so generous and so freely
A never-ending supply
Until the day I die
I’ll hand out to all who seem needy.

I do it because
I’ve been in a spot
Where I felt no one could hear me
I’ve gone hungry for days
Life was thick with delay
And I prayed for someone to save me.

This may come as a shock
Or maybe not
To those who think they know me
But most of my life
I’ve battled inside
With the feeling of being forgotten.

Cast aside, ignored, and brushed away
Like ashes from a fire that escape
Fiery red at first then as they float away
They turn to dust dissolving in the suns warm rays
That fall upon my shoulders reminding me it’s okay
I breathe it out and remember I’ll live another day
To keep handing out love because it’s free to give away
And there are people that need my smile or when I say,
“I love you, you are not forgotten in any way.”

And when those moments come few and far in between
When what I give is reciprocated by those who carry the gene
That tells them life’s too god damn short to be mean

I’ll call them my tribe
And I’ll cherish them until I die
Knowing loneliness is a lie
Constructed by a mind
That’s been deprived
Of love.

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