“Balance” {Poem}

More often than not
You’ll find yourself in a spot
Where things start to rot and obscure.

You’ll pray for the day
When things go your way
For yourself and for those you adore.

Life won’t reply
Until you at least try
To meet it somewhere halfway.

You have to work hard
And gamble with cards
That may haunt you on judgement day.

That is, if you believe
In living each day to achieve
Some sort of karmic balance.

The yang and the yin
The good holds the bad within
And all that is above, is below us.

I believe we’re here
To conquer any fear
That we carry within our minds.

I think we experience
Those things that trigger us
Things we get the chance to conquer with time.

Life is a game
And if it’s well-played
You learn to become a spectator.

I’m still fairly young
Learning when to hold my tongue
But when the time comes I’ll smile confidently at my Creator.


Shared on the author’s private Facebook page.

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