“Fragile” {Short Story Poem}

man flexing muscle
Photo by Pikx By Panther on Pexels.com

Written by Shelly Moore

A man spends hours of his day toning his body to perfection.
He pushes away sweets and sugary confections.
He adores and admires his sturdy reflection.
He wins contests that tell him his body is perfection.
He surrounds his soul and his body with obvious deflection.
Armor to protect his six-year-old-self from the rejection
Of his mother and father and their lack of loving connection.

One day as he’s driving and singing along to Van Halen
He notices a little bee that’s found himself trapped within
Without thinking he smacks him with the back of his hand and
He continues to sing, “Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie’s cryin’,”
Then his throat starts to swell and he can’t get a breath in,
He grasps desperately for air and his eyes bulge and redden,
And before he can think another thought his vision begins to darken;
Although he lived his life to show strength, in the end his fragile body betrayed him.

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