“He.” {Poem}

Bothered by the changing winds.

Bothered by the tides.

Bothered by a woman’s laugh.

Bothered by the night.

Bothered by a change in tone.

Bothered by the rains.

Bothered by the one who tries.

Bothered by the trains.

Bothered by a sideways glance.

Bothered by his work.

Bothered by opportunity.

Bothered by my smirk.

Bothered by children’s laughter.

Bothered by little prints on glass.

Bothered by the neighbor’s dogs.

Bothered by bicycle lines on grass.

Bothered by a phone that rings.

Bothered by his mother.

Bothered by an insects chirp.

Bothered by another.

Bothered by the politics.

Bothered by human suffering.

Bothered, he says he’s heard enough.

Bothered by their bitching.

Bothered without empathy.

Bothered without compassion.

Bothered without desire to understand.

Bothered without passion.

Hopeful that he’ll let it go.

Hopeful that he’ll wake.

Hopeful he’ll open up within.

Hopeful he’ll rid the shame.

Hopeful he’ll find his joy within.

Hopeful his light will beam.

Hopeful he’ll learn before it’s too late.

Hopeful the change will be extreme.

Grateful for the dimly lit fire.

Grateful for all things.

Grateful for the generosity.

Grateful for the stability it brings.

Grateful for the lesson.

Grateful for the pain.

Grateful for my broken heart.

Grateful it has not been in vain.

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