“For RBG” {Poem}

Written By Shelly Moore

Two men stood tall in front of the crowd.

A circus of words spewed by the proud.

“I’ll make things better,” both voices vowed.

While she looked down on them from her heavenly cloud.

The masses had already made up their minds

Before the curtains were raised to hear the grown men whine

She should have been the moderator if there had been more time

Such an ill-fated mess she’d been forced to leave behind.

One man has been proven a liar, a cheat, a bully, and a fraud

Whose soul vacated as a child when coin was taught to replace god

Yet people continue to follow him blindly as they cheer and applaud

His tyrannical ramblings of greed as others pity us from abroad

And there’s no sense in trying to open the eyes of those who follow

They’ll have to open their own when they find the courage to swallow

Their pride for being tricked by a con artist whose soul might actually be hollow

But no one likes being wrong, fingers pointed as they wallow

The time has to come where we wash away all that’s believed

We need to wash our pride down the river realizing we may have been deceived

Leaving a heart within our bodies that’s been cleansed of arrogant disease

Remembering who we are, and what we are, and what we can achieve

We’re taught duality is a constant from the moment we are born

Good and a bad, two sides to a coin, and between the two you can’t be torn

There’s red and there’s blue,

and you absolutely must choose

And stick to your guns until the day you lose

But once you’ve lost

You fight at all costs

To make sure your side is again triumphant

The unconscious need to fight for your side

Is what’s driving your pride

And putting blinders on for the incumbent.

Our choices aren’t great.

But I refuse to fuel the fire of hate

And maybe just maybe before it’s too late

We can collectively break down the gate

That’s shielding your heart from the truth.

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