“Tea” {Poem}

Written by Shelly Moore

I feel my blood rising to the surface of my skin,

Butterflies fluttering because I’m nervous again,

Goosebumps, prickled flesh, risking chagrin,

but the warmth of it brings this sinner to sin.


What exactly is proper timing?

Do we wait for the sun, moon, and star’s realigning?

I’ll forever chase that which doesn’t bind me

To a life burdened by misery and unfulfilled dreaming.


I’ve gone too long without reciprocity,

Half my soul has drowned in depression’s deep sea,

I pray every night for my missing pieces to come find me,

And I wait.


I’ll let the shock of this unexpected reunion,

Ease gently into your broken heart and then,

Like chilled skin easing slowly into steamy waters,

Let it steep.


I want to throw myself at your mercy,

Begging you to hold and kiss me,

But I’ll take the path less crazy,

And I’ll wait.


I don’t want to leave this world

As a torn apart, broken girl

Who’s only desire

Was to simply be loved.


Not just by a random body that’s empty,

But by a being who has passion a plenty,

Please God, send this to me,

I pray.

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