“Whispers” {Poem}

Written by Shelly Moore

An intangible phenomenon

One we can’t put a finger on

Afraid to even count upon

Hope because it’s been so long

The beaten psyche frowns upon

A possible approaching dawn

In these moments I confess I call upon

Those who’ve guided me since Babylon

I pray, don’t let me be just a pawn

For yet another virtuous moment gone wrong

I raise my ethereal shield to protect me from

The hushed warning a beating heart drowns out with its drum

And the ancestors smile gently unto me

They say, “Oh, our sweet girl, just breathe!

Trust in what we’ve brought to you

Push fear aside and your incessant need to

Control the outcome of each path provided

The outcomes, our sweet girl, are infinitely-sided

One word, one breath, one step in any direction

Can alter the outcome, so no need for further reflection

Just allow things to flow,

Rest your mind and have fun!

You see, the moon does not fret about the rising sun.

The trees do not worry if their branches will grow,

Just as the robins and seabirds care not of rainbows.

Learn from the silent stillness of trees;

From the river that carves its gentle path with ease.

Let life play out as it wants to; don’t force it!

Don’t bind it too tightly like the laces of a corset

Let the long, silky strings hang loosely down

Rid your heart of fear and straighten your crown

Sit upright in your chair and be certain in knowing

Life will always course-correct and keep flowing.”


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