“Humility & Struggle: I See You, and I Love You.” {Blog}

You have $3 in your bank account and a handful of change in your car’s ashtray.

Your fridge is completely bare, other than some condiments.

Your gas tank is on E and has been for two days. You’ve been riding on fumes.

You have to make it to work tomorrow, but you haven’t eaten in two days.

Do you hit up the dollar menu or put gas in your tank?

You throw on your Valley Thrift hoodie and walk out to your car, which you’ve parked a block down from your apartment and around the corner bc you’re overdue on your car payments and know the repo man will be paying you (another) visit soon.

You work 40+ hours a week and make sure your kids are always fed and happy, even if it means skipping meals for days or just eating their leftovers. You don’t let them know the extent of your struggle, bc it simply isn’t their burden to carry and they are what matters most in this world.

You weren’t born into money and you can’t go to your parents for loans and help with groceries bc they’re struggling just as much as you are; so you help each other out when you can bc that’s what family does.

Most of my friends have been in a spot just like this – including myself – and it has given you the GIFT of HUMILITY and COMPASSION, because

We. 👏

Have. 👏

Fucking. 👏

Been. 👏

There. 👏

Be so, so damn grateful for it.

We know what it’s like to truly struggle.

And god damn, does it suck when you’re stuck in the depths of it. Feels hopeless.

It grounds you.

I want you to know that those of you who feel this deeply bc you’ve been there or are there right now are MY fucking people, and I see you, I respect you, and I fucking love you to your core.

Happiness comes from within; not without.

Those who judge the net value of their lives based solely upon how much money is in the bank and what they have to show for it live in a different world entirely, and some will never know any differently bc it’s all they’ve ever known and all they’ll ever know.

I’ve seen misery in both cases, but I assure you the misery of entitlement carries a far greater burden. You doom yourself within your greedy paradigm.

Have sympathy for them; they are the ones missing out on the things that truly give life it’s meaning.

Author: Shelly Moore

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