“Tenacity” {Poem}

Written by Shelly Moore


Talk to me.

Reach out to me with fierce fascination and tell me everything you think you know and feel.

Keep all of your sweet nothings; for I do not want them!

In their place, give me all of your savory somethings so as to scrumptiously satiate and surreptitiously seduce me.

Use words that awaken my flesh and cause its tiny hairs to stand on end as if they are feverishly fighting to get closer to you.

Thrill me with deliciously deep dialogue and nourish my mind with subtle nuance and nefarious indifference to the societal narrative.

Tell me all the things others are too fearful to mention, but tell me in a way that leaves no doubt that each precious word was harvested from within your very soul; first having been planted within the fertile soils of your mind, then, with Persephone’s blessing, permitted to blossom and flourish until the thought had ripened to perfection.

Whisper delicately into my ear all of your most intimate and infinite questions about the universe that may have tied your beautiful, boundless mind into complicated knots time and time again as you lay in bed at night, and don’t dare hold back for fear of judgment!

I will never judge you for what you do say; however, I may for what you keep from me.

Talk to me.

Use the poignant power of scintillating spoken language to show me who you are and what you are capable of when the shackles of societal programming are removed and you are left nude both in mind and soul.

Thrill me with your tenacity, and when you do, I’ll know I’ve met my match.


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