“Tsunami Dream” {Blog}

I dreamt about a tsunami last night.

The last time I had such a vivid dream about a tsunami was in 2011. Two days later a giant tsunami struck Japan and killed over 15k people.

So I’m writing this one down.

The dream started with my family and I enjoying a nice vacation somewhere along the coastline. We had rented a couple of rooms in a high-rise hotel fairly high up. I can’t say which floor, but if I had to guess I’d say at least ten or more floors up.

My sister Jen had gone down to the beach to enjoy the warm sand and salty ocean air. I had stayed on the balcony of the hotel room, waving at her from my nest-like vantage point above.

My daughter was in one of the other rooms we had rented playing with her cousins.

As I watched from above, I noticed the shoreline had quickly begun to recede… not as if low tide was approaching, but as if someone had pulled a plug and the water was quickly disappearing.

I jumped up from my seat, put my hands to my mouth and shouted, “TSUNAMI!! TSUNAMI!!” as loud as I possibly could in hopes that the beach goers, and my sister, would hear me and retreat.

But I knew there wouldn’t be time. I knew it was already too late.

Just the a faint roar approached from the ocean and grew louder quickly, until it sounded like a freight train was headed right toward us.

I saw a massive wall of water heading our way.

I ran inside and yelled, “TSUNAMI!!” to my family members. I tried to run to the room my daughter was in, but the giant wave crashed into our hotel as if it had been sucked punched, and it knocked me onto the floor just beyond the sliding glass balcony doors.

The hotel shook and swayed unnaturally. I crawled under a table for protection from falling debris. Terror does not even come close to the emotion experienced in that moment.

The sounds were deafening. All I could think about was my daughter too far away from me in that moment, and my sister on the beach directly in its path.

The moment things begin to calm just the littlest bit, I ran to find my daughter. She was huddled in the bathtub with three of her cousins, sobbing hysterically, but safe.

I held her to me, kissed her head, and cried with her.

The hotel was in a desperate state. Within the dream I recall saying, “Think of the World Trade Center when the plane hit the midsection. The top gave way and crumbled.” I thought that would surely be our fate.

“Jen…” I said, and I wept.

I was in almost a catatonic state, weeping for my sister for hours. Days.

The dream somehow (as dreams do) spanned two days.

I was on the phone at one point describing her in detail. The emotions I felt within this dream were as real as any I’d experience in waking life.

Sheer desperation.

Until we finally we received a call saying they had found her.

She had been swept a few miles south into the jungle, but had somehow miraculously survived.

They were making arrangements to get her back to us… and I awoke.


“Tsunami dreams can be a sign of insecurity, vulnerability, a desire to be more independent, the fear of losing control, and the overwhelming feelings of being an empath or highly sensitive.”

Source: https://crystalclearintuition.com/tsunami-dream-meaning/

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