“Merry Covid Christmas” {Poem Read by Author}

It was Christmas Day in 2020,

I thought, why not write a poem that’s relatively funny?

Dad’s in a mood and mom’s getting drunk,

Man, seems like we’re all in a bit of a funk.

Here near Boston it’s raining and sixty degrees,

While back home in the Nasty ‘Nati snow is covering the trees.

Everything is bass-ackwards; this year I’d expect no less,

Though I won’t lie, it’s kind of nice to not have to shower or get dressed.

We all miss the holiday gatherings we equally cherished and dreaded,

Once Covid calms the fuck down, back home I’ll be headed.

To take belated Christmas shots with my sisters and laugh till I pee;

To hug all of my nieces and nephews, and tackle Ian (who always runs from me).

There’s something special about being around people who knew you,

When life was much simpler and hadn’t yet scarred you.

Back when Christmas got canceled one year because we broke the damn tree,

By climbing underneath it during a game of hide-and-seek.

Oh man, dad was so pissed, and so was mom.

She yelled, “Christmas is canceled!” One of the rare moments she lost her calm.

I love to look back on those old memories,

And wonder which moments my own kids have stored in their treasuries.

Will it be the time that mom knocked the tree over and broke all the ornaments?

Or maybe the time the cat tore open all the presents.

I hope they remember the good and the bad,

Because like the yin and the yang, there’s gifts in each to be had.

The year Christmas was canceled (not really), might have been bad for my parents,

But it’s a favorite amongst my sisters and I and each year when we re-share it.

We laugh till we cry because that’s just how we are.

Raised to let laughter heal each and every scar.

I wish you and yours the best Christmas yet!

Even if it’s not, will it be memorable for the kiddos?

You fuckin’ bet.

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