“Give a Sh*t in 2021” {Blog}

I want someone to discover my stories, tell me they’re good, and make them into something that will bring me ample cash flow.

I have houses bookmarked (and have for years) that I want to buy family members who both need and deserve them.

I help whoever I can whenever I am able, but my hands have been bound tightly recently and I desperately want to be able to do more for them.

Some desire a larger house and nicer car; my heart desires to help more than anything. Neither are wrong or right, they just are.

I value diversity, which includes diversity of heart and soul. We are all puzzle pieces working together whether we realize it or not.

In my humblest of opinions, life is not about how far you get, it’s about empathy, compassion, and what can can do to improve the situations/minds of all other living beings.

I watched a talk by one of my favorites, Alan Watts, last night in which he stated that we should have compassion, but that we should not help others to the degree of interfering with their own progress.

He says, “maybe you’ll be stripping them of a lesson they’re meant to learn, and it’s simply not your place to do so.” (Loosely quoted from an unreliable memory.. lol.)

I neither agree nor disagree, but I will continue to be me and do what my heart tells me to, as long as I am able.

When I’m laying in bed deciding which bridge I want to jump from, it brings my soul just enough peace and my heart just enough joy to push my own deep despair aside if I am able to bring to even just a pinch of relief to someone in the form of groceries, a doordashed meal, a small gift to say I’m thinking of them when they feel utterly invisible, etc. I’ll do it, whether I can “afford” to or not.

I most definitely have my own laundry list of faults, but compassion and empathy cannot be found there.

I have deep empathy and compassion for every human being on this god damn planet, whether they’ve wronged me or not.

I know no enemies, only friends who are suffering and have misguided anger, and I love them the same as I love anyone else.

I hope 2021 brings relief to everyone in some shape or form.


With love,


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