“Become Your Own Catalyst for Change” {Short Blurb}

We expect too much from our fellow flawed, wounded humans.

Our standards are preset highest for those we hold dear.

Throw away your expectations and make room for revelations.

Do not place blame on anyone but yourself for your circumstances.

To do so is the easy way out; to reject accountability and throw yourself at the mercy of your own self-pity and delusion is weakness of mind and spirit.

Strengthen your spirit by weakening your ego.

Awake each morning with humility and gratitude.

Be the catalyst for change in your own mind, body, and soul and reject the notion that others must play a part in it for it to be valid.

-Shelly Moore


  1. Good words to hear. Always evaluate ur self before trying to lay blame. Make ur self whole by reflecting inside minus all the ego u want to uphold! Am I seeing this how u r meaning to write this

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