“Competitive Aging” is Not a Sport {Short Blurb}

Morning rambles…

“You know what grinds my gears?”

Why do people treat age like a competition?

So annoying, isn’t it?

I can’t be the only one annoyed by this.

We spend billions attempting to look younger, yet will point out how “young” or what a “baby” a 20/30/40-something is even if said person is just a year or two (or ten, or twenty) older.

As if it’s a “flex,” and means they’re simply wiser by default.

Unpuff that chest, Susan.

The internet and your social media posts have proven that to be absolutely and unequivocally false. (Said in my best Dwight Shrute voice.)

Wisdom is no longer passed down generation to generation like it had been in the past. We have an entire world of knowledge at our fingertips now and depending upon how adept you are at processing and storing information, you could be the village elder, the wise “old” sage, long before your aunties, uncles, and grandparents even skim the surface.

There are 15 year olds who could run this planet right now better than most of the population.

Quit using age as a springboard for ego inflation, and quit dismissing the thoughts of others simply bc they’re “young.”

We can learn from anyone at any age.

My kids teach me daily.

Example.. I totally used the word “flex.”

I digress. Go about your day. Carry on.


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