“Conversation” {A Short Poem}

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash.com


A Poem by Shelly Moore

Why did I say that

What have I done

Why do I talk

When I should hold my tongue

Throw me a bone

Please let me know

I haven’t managed to cut short

Our conversational flow

I just thought you and I

Had a bit of a vibe

I don’t mean to imply

I want more

I enjoy the connection

The cosmic reflection

Of my own mind mirrored by yours

I just want to know you

I had hoped to show you

What I’m capable of when I’m free

I had hoped that you’d be

The one who would see me

For all that I am meant to be

Your silence feels violent

What was it that I said

That caused you to pull back from me

I do get excited

When my soul is ignited

By conversation that’s more than skin deep

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