A Letter to My Readers/Listeners ✍️

I love writing my stories and sharing them with you for free possibly more than anything else on this earth, but… I had to rejoin the workforce.

I have to put food on the table and take care of my children and myself.

So, a few weeks ago I started a new full-time job as a housekeeper in an assisted living facility.

It’s an incredibly humbling job, an incredibly physically demanding job, but an incredibly fulfilling job.

I’ve said to friends and family, “My writing provides food for my soul, while this job will provide food for my children.”

So, while it is certainly my goal/dream to be able to write full time and make a sustainable living from it, it hasn’t yet become a reality for me and because of this, it will be difficult for me to find the time to write new stories going forward – though I promise to try.

I currently have *22 short story (or short story-poem) audiobooks* available for you on my YouTube channel.

📚 🎧 Click here: https://youtube.com/channel/UC2-Y3LAZReavT9Jx54AhaEQ

I’m hoping those twenty-two stories will continue to gain readers from across the globe as they have been while I’m working my rear end off in the hopes of making some changes in life.

I’ve also applied for a few grants for single mothers in the hopes that I might be able to purchase actual equipment for recording my stories which will make it sooo much easier for me… such as a microphone and laptop.🤞🏻

⬇️ Times are tough… Tip Your Storyteller? 🤓♥️


I’ve also been in the process of putting together a collection of some of my earlier stories into a book that I hope to have published by this fall 2021. I’m working with an illustrator back in my hometown in Ohio, and at this point am just waiting on her final illustrations.

So that’s exciting. 🤓

Until then, please continue to listen to my stories and leave comments – know that your comments make my day every single day!

I am deeply grateful for you.


Shelly ♥️

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