Bored? Here’s a Few Free Audiobooks. 🤓📚🎧

I can’t wait to find the time to write my next story.

I already miss it so much. ♥️

Once I get used to my new work/home life balance, hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to write again.

Until then, don’t forget my YouTube channel currently has 22 short story/short story-poem audiobooks available for free… and I’d love to see some of my newer pieces get the same amount of traffic as the older ones.

📚 Take, for example, my newest story “Descent,” which currently has only 82 views (it’s only 3 weeks old); while, “The Cottage,” is at 6.1k+ views and climbing rapidly.

Yet I’ve been told by a handful of friends, “Descent” – which was based on another screwed up dream I had – ranks amongst their favorites.

“Wake” is climbing steadily and at just about 1k, while “Lady” only sits at 158 views.

Here’s a small list of some I’d like to see grow bc for whatever reason the YouTube algorithm hasn’t picked them up.

Maybe you could be so kind as to help me make that happen. 🤓♥️📚


“Maischa & Alexander”

“Larry Kemper”



♥️🤓📚 Thank you! 📚🤓♥️

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