“39” {Birthday Poem}


Written by Shelly Moore

Copyright © LimitlessStimulus.com 2022

Guess what?

This morning I turned 39.

And you know what?

I totally don’t even mind.

I happen to truly, madly, deeply find

The natural progression and passage of time

A little bit nifty and a little sublime.

Aging is a privilege; a painful but magical ride.

A bittersweet gift of which so many are denied.

Yesterday as I looked into a mirror o’mine,

Upon not-so-close inspection I discovered a handful of lines.

They’ve presented around my lips and beside my eyes,

But guess what?

I did not run feverishly to my phone as I pitifully cried,

I didn’t google “please help me god erase the visible signs,

That I’ve laughed and I’ve cried so hard throughout time!”

Instead, I smiled at myself and I said aloud in real time,

“So what if your face shows evidence of a lived life,

So what if your body is aging like a somewhat-fine wine,

So what if it no longer looks 29,

Kinda sucks, but hey, you’re doing alright!

You’ve earned every grey hair,

Every spare pound and fine line.

Those who love you won’t see them as flaws,

those who do, leave behind.

You’ve made it this far…

Think of the stories you’ve written through time!

Think of all that you still have ample time to write!”

And listen –

To those whose instant response is to straddle the fault line,

To say things like, “You’re still a wee babe,” please don’t waste my time.

Did you feel like a child when you turned 39?

I’ve lived, lost, and loved.. and twice I’ve almost died.

I won’t be dismissive on your page so don’t do it on mine.

Besides, today is *my* day, this February 9.

And I’m both a wee babe *and* a collector of time.

And today, all day, this day is all mine. ♥️

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