“Philosophy” {Poem}

Photo by Riccardo Annandale

Written by Shelly Moore
Copyright © LimitlessStimulus.com 2022

We are all simply petals from the same flower
Who’ve forgotten our connection and collective power
If you could close your eyes and just feel
The only connection in life that’s real
You’d remember everything you’d need to become empowered.

There’s something in the air we sometimes feel
We cannot see it so we claim it isn’t real
But when we hush our ego still
Swallowing the metaphorical red pill
We remember we’re holding ten and two at our own wheel.

It’s difficult to face a change in paradigm
We’re inundated with misinformation all the time
Just because your neighbor is set in his own way
Doesn’t mean you have to push him to sway
Just focus on how YOU will face the hills you’ll climb.

We’re intrinsically connected to everything
From the bees to the trees and all between
It’s easy to look down your nose
But inside, your soul, it knows
The simple truth of our existence and reality.

I, of course, speak esoterically
Of life’s greatest mysteries
As if I’m the one who somehow knows
The secret to halting life’s painful woes
But the truth is I’m as every bit lost as you might be.

You know just as much as me
You’ve simply forgotten it all, tragically
The great mind wipe
The unavoidable archetype
Of experiencing a meaningful life fully.

The good news is you can remember it too
Commit to focusing on working on you
Not on the physical nor mental
That’s a bit too compartmental
For the gravity of this vast, undeniable truth.

Energy, energy, energy
Is what connects me to you & you to me
It’s what we are composed of
At its root, the purest love
The truth hidden in plain sight so simply.

I won’t burst your brain with talk of
All the things that I have learned of
But I’ll tell you what is real
Is everything that you feel
And the purpose of life is to BE love.

To give it and get it and be it
Shift your life around until you can see it
Figure out what’s awry
Let it go, don’t be shy
Open yourself up unabashedly to receive it.

Realize with your whole being
Seeing isn’t, in fact, believing
For what drives us most
Are as invisible as a ghost
Emotions which fuel us through feeling.

Allow yourself to smile with your whole being
Permit yourself to cry, it’s quite freeing
It’ll unclog your drains
Thereby allowing your beautiful brain
To clear and to heal and begin believing.

It’s difficult to find trust in ethereal things
When we’ve been beaten down with the war religion brings
We are not talking of a guy named God
Not of Buddha nor of the great Allah
But of the driving force behind all of these things.

Energy we can allow ourselves to trust with more ease
We know it, we’ve seen it, it shines light on all things
You can still believe in a God
I can never and would never tell you you’re wrong
The beauty of life is the freedom to believe in anything.

Maybe it all exists simultaneously
Maybe that’s why we’ve created so many varying theories
Just don’t make the mistake
Of allowing your ego to inflate
When someone says something conflicting.

When a person says something about something
Which causes a fault line to split in your thinking
A hairline fracture of doubt
Consider it a gift, if you’ll allow
Serving to keep our human lives far more interesting.

I’ve said quite a bit here about living
The study of this topic I find truly endearing
I promise to keep learning
As it is my soul’s sole yearning
To know and to truly love every being.

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