“I Do Not Want You Anymore” {Poem}

“I Do Not Want You Anymore”

A poem by Shelly Moore
Copyright © 2022 LimitlessStimulus
Photo by Fuu J

I do not want you anymore.

I thought I did but that was before
I begged for compassion, my knees on the floor
As you relished in power, pushing me out the door
I took all the blame thinking I’d somehow absorb
All the tension and chaos that comes within war
I did in a way, pushing it down into my core
Then I watched as you brought evil in through your door
Too prideful to stand against she who damaged someone we adore
Your pride has blemished so much, now I’ve come to abhor
The very thought of losing myself again in an effort to restore
What pride stole from us so many years before
I don’t hate you, no, it’s too high a price to afford
I’ve done the work and I’ve healed and I hope you’ll one day ask for
My forgiveness, and I’ll give it, freely, without any armor
Because I forgave you long ago, but your arrogance continued to hold shut the door
I’ll continue to believe good people always have good things in store
As long as they live openly and honestly, releasing past trauma and war
You wear yours still as if you feel you have no sin to atone for
And if nothing ever rights itself and no true peace is ever in store
Then I’ll continue to pray for you in hopes you’ll one day gain the candor
A strength that’s earned through periods in life where you lose all you live for
Karma seems to be showing you what it’s like, though at no time do I dance across my floor
I will not celebrate the tragedies you face with ardor
I’m not a woman who takes comfort in another’s suffering, not even yours
For even though I suffered my darkest of days alone and behind closed doors
With your hands pushing me down and away from the one I adore
I’ve never once wished for anything more
Than a chance to right all the sins we’d committed before
Too many cold nights have passed since you pushed me out of that door
And I’ve come to realize all the reasons I wanted you back in my life are no more
They’ve faded away like the truth disappears within lore
You built walls to protect yourself then ironically fell down your own trap door
I flow as freely as a river, as high as an eagle I soar
And while I continue to love you for what your role in my life was intended for

I do not want you anymore.

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