“The House with the Veranda” {Personal Short Story}

Written by Shelly Moore

Copyright © 2022 LimitlessStimulus.com

Feel like reading an interesting little (true) personal short story?

Ready to think I’m totally nuts? 😆

I’ve been having a recurring dream about an old house that sits on the corner of a street block for about three years now. Each time I dream it, I get more detail. I could literally draw this house, top to bottom, from memory.

Two levels (three with basement). Grand staircase inside in the front of the house when you walk in; smaller staircase in the back. Back door has a handful of rickety wooden stairs that need repair (inside) which bring you to the first floor (a door on the left which opens to the kitchen).

First floor has a small “ballroom” (is what I always refer to it as in the dream) in the front of the house to one side; a large area I refer to as the “cafe” in the dream in the middle, a “veranda” (which is my favorite part of the house; some dreams I’ll just go sit on the veranda for the entire dream), a kitchen, dining room, and back parlor room with fireplace.

It took me almost a year of this dream to go up the staircase. I was scared.

This part plays out like a story.. so I finally felt the urge to write it out and share it today.

When you ascend the grand staircase, immediately to your left are four bedrooms. To your right, a small hallway and 2-3 more bedrooms.

The bedrooms on the left are brighter and in better shape.

Took a few more dreams for me to explore the bedrooms.

First bedroom on the left at the front of the building/house has a spirit of a woman in it. Elderly. Her husband also from time to time, but mostly her. She’s nice, but keeps to herself. (Several dreams later I found out the fourth bedroom at the back of the house was her dressing room, where she keeps all her clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. In one dream, she took me in there and dolled me up.)

*Side note before continuing:

My dreams are fckng insane, right? They’re so real. So so real. So I swear, either I’m rememebering past life shit, or this is somehow really happening somewhere in some alternate reality. Cuckoo. I know.

The elderly husband of this woman mainly hangs out in the basement. I had one dream dedicated to exploring the basement alone. It was terrifying, but I could draw details of the layout. That’s where I encountered him. He’s not a mean guy, but definitely wants to be left alone, whereas his wife keeps to herself but appreciates company.

So back to the second floor.

The second bedroom was empty, so that’s where I set up my own bedroom. The third bedroom was also empty; that became my kids’ room. I had dreams of us literally moving furniture in. Building a bunk bed for my kids, etc.

The fourth, remember, was the lady of the house’s dressing room, so the kids were told that’s off limits.

It took nearly a year and several more dreams about this house before I explored the bedrooms on the right side of the stairs. That short hallway was dark, not lit at all by the windows on both sides of the left side hallway. Scary. Had an ominous energy about it. I’d wake up from dreams with my heart racing and sweaty palms, but pissed at myself for not opening the doors to the bedrooms. Ha.

Finally, one dream.. I immediately realized I was dreaming – the second I realized I was inside the house I ran up the grand staircase and flung open the first bedroom door on the left (right side of the staircase; left side of the small hall).

A horrifying energy came rushing out at me and nearly knocked me down… but I stood my ground and told myself I was dreaming; it’s stupid to be scared.


These became super lucid for me after the first year. I could totally control everything from a conscious standpoint, as far as where I went to explore, etc., and I could remember evvvverything. Every detail.

The second and third doors on the right side of the stairs also held old, spooky energy, lots of old, broken furniture, dust, etc. Shoved full of shit, like they had been used for not only storage of furniture, but of energy as well.

I wasn’t afraid of the house at all anymore after that dream.

From there, I learned of a caretaker/housekeeper resides on the first floor. (A woman. Very nice. Showed me how the cafe used to operate as a restaurant. It played like a movie; the cafe at its peak. Filled with customers, tables, chairs, servers.)

She showed me the dining room (not the cafe; the large, private dining room with a long wooden table and loads of very unique old wooden chairs) and explained it was her favorite room in the house bc it was the quietest. She mostly stayed in that room for this reason.

After awhile, I’d show up there in dreams and it became so commonplace that I’d simply announce myself as I walked inside to the man and lady (spirits, mind you) of the house; I’d say hello aloud to the housekeeper spirit as I passed through the kitchen/dining room, and I’d just go about my business, which really was nothing other than loving this house from the depths of my core and just wanting to be there in it.

Last night I went there again within my dream. First time in weeks. I was showing a new person. I explained to him I’d somehow come to own it, he explained it was known to be haunted and everyone thought it was empty. I laughed and told him it’s far from empty.

I went in through the back door, announced myself to the man (spirit) of the house (with fondness, I should mention. I’ve really come to like these dream-spirit-folk… which is so fucking weird, I know. I can’t even explain how real this shit is to me. It’s mind-boggling.) I climbed the handful of rickety wooden stairs to the door that enters the kitchen. Said hello aloud to the invisible housekeeper, took my new friend inside and gave him a tour.

At the end of the dream, just before I woke up, the man said something about us being in the city of Lebanon (Ohio). That was the first time a location has been named… and I’ve wondered for years if this is a real place I’m dreaming of, so it was just so incredibly interesting to hear him say it.

Idk whether this building/house truly exists on the corner of some street block in Lebanon, but it’s sure been an interesting past few years having this recurring dream and exploring it.

I have the dream once every couple of weeks or so and each time I do, I love it so much. It’s a sense of “belonging” there.

A part of me really believes this place exists and one day I’ll find it and be absolutely blown away. Haha.

Another part of me says this is something my subconscious is providing for entertainment; a way to provide the thrill-seeking and exhilarating experience of investigating I miss so much sometimes.

Another part of me wonders if it’s helping to re-open me up after years of having closed myself completely down to sensing energy like I used to bc I couldn’t handle the judgement from those who don’t believe that kind of shit exists.

Whatever it is, I’m glad I’ve finally written it all down and shared it.. bc it’s really just an amazing, insane, exhilarating experience… dream or not. ♥️


After posting this on my personal Facebook page, a friend who used to be in one of my paranormal investigation groups with me, suggested I draw out what I remembered. I am *NOT* an artist, by any means…. So be forewarned… but, I did what I could from memory.

Forgive the handwriting.. my mind was trying to scribble and keep up with my thoughts.

Note: the bedroom directly to the right of the stairs may have actually been an attic space or closet.
This one is exceptionally terrible… 😅 but I was trying to draw the tops of the chair backs in the dining room. They were very ornate.

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