“Give a Shit: Commit” {A poem about saving our planet}

Photo provided by NASA

“Give a Shit: Commit”
{A poem by Shelly Moore}
© LimitlessStimulus.com

Yeah, the world’s going to shit.
But what are you doing about it?
Are you eating less meat?
Picking up trash from your street?
Or are you sitting on your ass watching it?

Yeah, the world may be going to shit.
I plan to do something about it.
I committed to eating less meat.
We picked up trash from our street.
My contribution may be small but I’m no hypocrite.

Yeah, the world’s going to shit.
What do you plan to do about it?
Google what you can do.
Don’t just read it, follow through.
Our kids deserve a better world in which to live.

Yeah, the world’s scarier than shit.
Fires, floods, volcanoes… don’t be a twit.
Yeah, we’ve always had ‘em around,
But not to this degree, you clown,
Give a shit for once instead of denying it.

Yeah, the world is very, very sick.
It’s our fault, we’ve accomplished this.
We don’t treat her as our home,
We horribly abuse and neglect her so,
She’s furious and we deserve all of it.

Yeah, the world is oh so sick.
Small changes will lead to a fix.
Our oceans are ailing,
Our forests are failing,
We depend on these things just to live.

Yeah, the world is incredibly sick.
It’s easy to be blind to it.
But when your time expires
Reflecting on how your life transpired
Will you truly believe yours was worth it?

Yeah, you can do something about it.
You can get off your ass and give a shit.
Reduce and reuse,
Every single damn day aim to choose,
Things that won’t harm her, but instead benefit.

Yeah, you can do something ‘bout it!
You can spread kindness but still take no shit.
Consider your role,
Search deep within your very soul,
For countless ways to help her: simply commit.

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