“I, As a Mother, Caused My Children’s Anxiety Disorders.” {popular article}


My latest piece doubled+ in views overnight and I received a few comments & messages from readers which really helped to lift me up today.

Things like this fill me with such a sense of purpose… they remind me that I do, in fact, carry a light inside of me that can be shared with others through my words, even when I’m doubting myself and feeling as if I’m nothing but a pesky fly in the ear and minds of those around me.

Grateful for Elephant Journal for giving me a platform to express myself truly and vulnerably. ♥️

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➡️ Here’s a small preview:

“I accept the blame regardless and can never truly be apologetic enough. I may not be the sole cause of that anxiety, but it goes without question that I fed it. I unintentionally brought an entire Thanksgiving Day feast to that beast. Acknowledging the truth, accepting blame, and apologizing profusely won’t fix what’s broken, but together they can absolutely act as the stepping stones for healing.

“If you break a plate and then glue it back together, will it ever truly go back to its original form?” ~ Anonymous

I think it’s high time we shift our focus from who’s to blame (because blame will only cause guilt and shame, creating an unrelenting, vicious cycle of negative emotion, which will hinder, not help, the healing process) to focusing on an awareness of the damage we cause as parents/children/friends/spouses/siblings/human beings so that we can put a kink in that relentless cycle, and hopefully, with enough work, we can stop it completely.

Focusing more on the not-so-good subconscious habits you’ve picked up during your own time on this planet that you are passing around to those who interact with you on a daily basis on a platter unknowingly will change your entire life.

Maybe you start to realize Gerald at the office isn’t such a bad dude after all; it’s just that you’re constantly having negative interactions with him because the first three years you worked together you were going through a nasty divorce and were coming into the office with an invisible chip on your shoulder. He learned to approach you cautiously, and because of that, you were never able to establish a true connection that rings truer to who each of you are as individuals.”

✍️ Click to read: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2023/02/i-as-a-mother-caused-my-childrens-anxiety-disorders/

With love,

Shelly ♥️

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