Let’s Talk “Beliefs”…

Let’s talk “beliefs.” (And if this is “too long to read,” then you might want to thoroughly investigate what your belief system is based upon. If you don’t read the lengthy articles and spend time exploring legitimate sources of information then chances are your beliefs may be based upon opinion.) Your “beliefs” are called beliefsContinue reading “Let’s Talk “Beliefs”…”

The Cottage (Short Story)

The Cottage Written by Shelly Moore The cherry red paint on Charlotte Gurdy’s ‘89 Chevrolet Beretta was nearly pristine, other than a tiny patch of rust under her driver’s side door. Once a week she washed it with the attention to detail that a brain surgeon would give as he navigated through the parts ofContinue reading “The Cottage (Short Story)”

Lackluster (Poetry)

I am undersexed, underloved, undertouched, and misunderstood. I am an intrinsically good person with a heart bigger than my body who gives out my love freely and generously, ever expecting (and receiving) little in return. The compassion within me flows as deeply as a natural well, eager to be harvested by bucket and pulley atContinue reading “Lackluster (Poetry)”