1998 (Short Story)

“1998” Written By Shelly Moore   Jessie laid belly-down on her bed with her knees bent and ankles crossed, finishing up Rolling Stone Magazine’s, “Fiona Apple: The Caged Bird Sings,” article while wiping a tear from her dampened cheeks after having learned of her favorite musician’s childhood rape and subsequent mental health struggles as sheContinue reading “1998 (Short Story)”

Open Mic (Lyrics/Poem)

Hi(gh)Maybe a littleBut If we talk maybe it’llOpen up your mind and it’llStart to weather down and whittleYour overwhelming need to belittle& judge me of my noncommittalWays although your loyalty is brittleFor others you do so littleOur problem is we’re blind toYour venom-poisoned spittleUntil past the point of criticalThen our issues become politicalAnd you getContinue reading “Open Mic (Lyrics/Poem)”

Elsewhere — or not so damn much.

So as it turns out, Dean Koontz, who happens to be one of my favorite authors, just announced the upcoming release of his new book entitled…. “Elsewhere.” [insert expletive here] So I may have to rename the series I’ve worked so hard to create. That’s why I haven’t yet published Part IV yet. Call itContinue reading “Elsewhere — or not so damn much.”