“Sun Up” {Poem}

“Sun Up”

Written by Shelly Moore
Copyright © LimitlessStimulus.com 2021
Photo by Heather Morse

I made it through another day.
I said all I could think to say.
Likely overextended my stay,
In the inboxes of those I love.

I thought I’d write tonight to save the thought,
Before I drift into slumber and then forgot,
The things in which my mind’s been taught,
Conversations and hints from above.

One made me feel as if I might still be pretty.
A feeling quite fleeting made dull by self-pity.
Allowing my scales to be tipped in favor of witty,
Hoping someone would come say I’m enough.

One bridged the gap between us with eggshells.
Delicate, paper thin, razor sharp, shards of hell.
I whispered in metaphor so as not to break the spell.
Tiptoeing in full armor is tough.

One walked into the room full of anger and rage.
Carrying unnecessary heaviness of this and every day.
Not having learned how mood spreads like the plague.
Drink deep, as I pour from an empty cup.

The important thing is, I put my feet on the ground.
Then, I somehow made it through another damn day, sun up to sun down.
So maybe tomorrow when the sun rises and shines,
I’ll sink my toes into the dirt and I’ll make it mine.

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