“A New Year’s Poem”

Written by Shelly Moore © 2021

Say goodbye to another year!
Sip your wine or chug that beer.
Crush the can within your hand.
Pray the next year’s far less damned.
I hope you find love and it finds you back.
I hope every single day gives you reason to laugh.
I hope your house is filled with health and hope.
I hope you always find the right words in the back of your throat.
I hope you experience something brand new every day.
I hope you allow yourself ample time to just play.
I hope you make more money than ever before.
I hope you manage to burst open so many doors.
I hope you get what you give and give what you get.
I hope that memories will be made that you’ll never forget.
I hope you experience pure joy at least once a week.
I hope someone you love kisses your cheek.
I hope you accomplish some goals and set some in motion.
I hope you get to sit in the sand and breathe in the ocean.
I hope you shed anything holding you back.
I hope you maintain your focus and stay on track.
I hope to see your photos online of your smiling faces.
I hope your sadness, bliss and lasting ecstasy replaces.
I hope every smile that forms on your lips is real.
I hope your belly gets filled with delicious, home cooked meals.
I wish all the best for you in 2022,
And I wish the best it has to offer me, too.

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