“The River” {poem}

“The River”

Written by Shelly Moore

Copyright © 2022 LimitlessStimulus.com


My sweet girl, do not stagger in your stance

For they will see it and knock you down where you stand

Be strong in your word and stronger in mind

Don’t believe for one second that because you are kind

Life will play fairly and surround you with sugar and sun

You are a beacon to the shadows, but please do not run

The darkness will come to try to snuff out your light

Don’t let it, my dear, plant your feet firmly and fight

It’s not fair love, I know, but don’t harden your heart

The world needs more of you, empathetic and smart

Darkness is easy, it’s a slippery slope

All it takes is apathy, letting go of the rope

Kindness is difficult in a world steeped in pain

But it needs more like you to help revive it again

I wish I could make promises of reciprocity

But I just can’t so please don’t ask it of me

There will be much sorrow and much pain as you go along

Interwoven between moments of bliss and pure joy that will help keep you strong

Ride the ebb and flow as you would a sturdy canoe down a river

Anticipate both calm waters and rapids and life will deliver

Exactly what it needs for you to learn and to grow

I don’t know why either love, it’s not for us to know

Not yet anyway, but there will surely come a day

When we’ve seen all we needed and said all we had to say

Our bodies will wear out and expire at just the right time

And you’ll remember your reason for choosing to be here just as I’ll remember mine

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