“Corrine” {Short Story Poem Read by Author}

(Link below!) ⬇️

I wrote and recorded a new audiobook for you! 📚🎧

Can I just say…

It takes me hours, sometimes days, sometimes a week or more to write a story.

Another hour or two for editing (which I hate and sometimes totally suck at).

Another hour or so to record it.

Another two to three hours to put together and edit the audiobook video.

And yet another hour(ish) to save + upload the audiobook video.

A lot of work goes into these audiobooks. It’s a labor of love, start to finish.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so. I love it.

I hope it’s as entertaining to listen to as it is for me to create and put together. Cheers! 🥂📚📖🤓

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