“Wrecked” {Poem}

I felt inspired today, so I wrote another poem and created a video for it that is much different from anything I’ve done before.

I’ve felt a bit boxed in lately and am stretching my arms to break free.

I wrote this poem about the dichotomy of love versus despair… along with revealing the purpose of life… all wrapped up nicely within a cute little narrative about a wrecked car, in true Shelly style. Ha.

I hope you enjoy it. ♥️



A poem by Shelly Moore


Inspired by a passing car

To write about the hidden scars

We lock away behind steel bars

Hoping time will heal.


The car had been in a wreck

It sat upon a tow truck bed

Front bumper gone, metal compressed

Straps held the rest in place.


It passed so quickly as I stood

In my driveway under coat and hood

It called to me and I understood

The assignment was to see.


Not see as in view with tired eyes

But see as in feel and realize

Broken hearts and desperate cries

Are love in altered form.


Someone once adored this little ride

A flowery lei hung from the mirror inside

It must have been hard to say goodbye

A lesson we all must learn.


Did it’s owner check a text while driving down the freeway?

Or did they simply lose control because of a bad snow day?


Were they crying so hard their warm tears blurred the road ahead?

Did a deer run out so they swerved and hit a wall instead?


Is the owner okay? Did they pass away?

Was that blood on the driver’s side door?


Were they young or old?

I’m trying to hold

The car’s image in my memory.


I wonder if the driver inside the tow truck ride

Gives thought to any details.

Or does he disconnect, which is probably best

In order to fulfill his duty.


I can’t help but think of my own wrecks

Which seem so far behind

They happened oh so long ago

Yet recalled easily back to mind.


Driving with my ex-husband

To dinner without the kids

A man pulled out and struck my car

In the middle of rush hour traffic.


I’d had the car for just a month

The first I’d purchased in my own

In just a single moment

Giggles changed to worried moans.


Isn’t that how it happens?

A single moment changes life

One second you’re carefree

The next you’re full of strife.


We say things like, “Life’s a roller coaster.”

Or, “You live until you die.”

We miss the point of the in-between

We’re too focused on the why.


We push aside emotion

Which threatens our daily routine

“I do not have time to cry today,

I have an important work meeting.”


What if I told you something

That could change your paradigm?

I think I may have discovered

The actual purpose of life.


I’m not the sole discoverer

I won’t pretend I am

Many people before me

Have tried to break the dam.


It’s really not as complicated

As we feel it has to be

All of the long sought details

Woven intricately into our reality.


Emotion is the answer

There it is for all to see

Our joy, our pain, our longing

Our laughter and tortured pleas.


What do we learn most from?

Is the only question you need

We don’t learn from stagnation

We learn from our difficulties.


We fall in love and ride the wave

A high in its own right

We take a risk to feel the bliss

A fire which burns bright.


We know damn well

The day may come

When rain falls and

Snuffs the light.


We go from shining like the northern star

To darkness and despair

We hide away and lose ourselves

Because life just isn’t fair.


We’re so beautiful, us humans.

We truly, madly, deeply are.

We pick ourselves back up

We learn to live with the scars.


Then, one day someone comes along

Who offers a new surf board

To ride the wave of love again

… and with a smile we climb aboard.


We vow not to make the same mistakes

We now know what we need

We didn’t before the heartbreak

It taught us everything.


The little car which crossed my path

Early this winter’s morning

Spoke to me as if it’s purpose

Was to provide a warning.


It said, “I may be broken but I was loved,

And that’s enough for me.”

It’s purpose served, it sounds absurd,

But the message was meant for me.


I’d experience all the painful parts of my life

Again and again and again

Because they hold open the door for the opposite;

Every Yang is the bringer of Yin.

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